From EDI to Internet to Blockchain

Blockchain2050 BV is an innovative SME that implements the latest improvements in Blockchain technology into secure and innovative solutions with the use of standard open- source implementations and provide the needed transparency. The company is member of the international ARATOS Group and is located in CIC Rotterdam, the MIT business ecosystem. Blockchain2050 BV has also offices in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria


Research areas

Blockchain Scalability

A systematic study in 2016 on blockchain research papers identified the solutions and gaps for 7 technical challenge categories-throughput, latency, size and bandwidth, security, waisted resources, usability and hard forks.

Identity management and privacy

The blockchain technology opens opportunities in implementing distributed identity management systems that are designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of people and organizations.

Smart contract vulnerabilities

The exploits of smart contract vulnerabilities have led to millions of dollars lost in the cryto blockchains with most sensational being the DAO and the Parity wallet.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT communications are subject to data privacy, confidentiality and integrity threats that could be mitigated using blockchain approach.

Governance Model

The blockchain governance model refers to the consortium of organizations or individuals who make decisions about the rules that govern the blockchain network

Legal Compliance

One of the key characteristics of the blockchain technology is the blockchain network design for building trust by self-regulation. Therefore, the blockchain transactions started as operations outside of the existing regulatory structures

Smart contracts as a form of digital law

The smart contracts are pieces of codes that automate the business logic of the blockchain application.

Blockchain Interoperability

The blockchain frameworks landscape is hugely diverse. It spans from frameworks designed for specific use cases by startups (Ethereum, Iota, Energy Web, Ripple) to general purpose frameworks developed by established software companies (IBM, Microsoft and Oracle).





Smart contracts


Blockchain Development in Hypeledger


Blockchain Development in Burrow

Our Team

Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos

Founder of Blockchain2050 BV

Founder of Blockchain2050 BV. He has a mathematical background (Diploma of University of Patras, Greece) and delivered post graduate and doctorate research in Kharkov National Economic University, Ukraine.

Mr. Manolis Chrysostalis

Vice President of Aratos Group

Experienced in Management Consultancy, Procurement & Operation Planning skills with analytical leadership and teamwork abilities.

Mr. Peter Tjia


He holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration. He focused his professional education to Law & Security, became a Risk Security Expert and he continued his further his studies on Information & Security.

Prof. Sokratis Katsikas

Advisory Board

Professor and Rector of the Open University of Cyprus in Nicosia, and Professor at the Center of Cyber and Information Security and Communication Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Gjøvik, Norway.

Prof. Andreas Andreou

Advisory Board

Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics of the Cyprus University of Technology Foundation, as well as the local market.

Prof. Spiros Likothanassis

Advisory Board

Professor and Director of Pattern Recognition Lab at University of Patras, School of Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics

Dr. Panayiotis Christodoulou

Advisory Board

He holds a PhD in Computer Engineering & Informatics from the Cyprus University of Technology. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Manchester University, UK and the Frederick University, Cyprus.

Prof. Panagiotis Gatomatis

Advisory Board

He is an Assistant Professor of "Marketing" at the Department of Management Science and Technology of the University of Patras. Previously, he was a Professor at the Hellenic Open University (EAP) in the thematic unit of Marketing.

Strategic Partners

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Research Projects

Horizon 2020


Virtual Power Plant for Interoperable and Smart isLANDS

VPP4Islands aims to facilitate the integration of renewable systems, accelerate the transition towards smart and green energy and help Islands to exploit energy efficiency potential and innovative storage approaches, foster the active participation of citizens ...During 32 months, a multidisciplinary consortium of 11 partners comprising (a) IT developers/RTOs with experience in development of blockchain components/IoT & Big data platforms (FBA, IMEC, VIL, CERTH, FIWARE), (b) blockchain associations (INF), (c) public administrations (AYTOSAN, KATERINI); (d) SSH experts in public management (UC) and (e) think tanks specialised in digital transformation & policy-making (DEMOS) and Open Commons business models (FBR) will develop a Blockchain Platform as a Service Solution (BCPaaS) to be tested in 4 highly replicable application areas that are common to many Public Governments across Europe: public funding distribution; management of public accounts; urban logistics; valorisation of data. BCPaaS implementation will be assessed from a multidimensional perspective (technological, cultural, socio-economic and legal impacts), paying special attention to attitudes shown by public servants, as key individuals in public service provision. BCPaaS architecture will endorse the Next Generation Internet values of trustworthiness, resilience and sustainability and keep the compliance of the privacy-by-design regulation principles as core driver. It will maximise interoperability potential with IoT & Big Data platforms as well as other blockchains. A specific business model, based on Open Commons principles and Distributed Governance, will be elaborated during the second half of the project, and project dissemination will pay specific attention to meaningfully engagement of +30 early adopters, firstly as members of TOKEN Observatory contributing to TOKEN policy learning co-creation, and, secondly, to be invited to join BCPaaS platform after the project ends, and launch roadmaps to bring DLT to other public services.


Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services

'TOKEN' aims at developing an experimental ecosystem to enable the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) as a driver for the transformation of public services towards an open and collaborative government approach. ...and become self-sufficient in energy, while reducing costs, GHG emissions and reliance on heavy fuel oil to generate power, and creating new intelligent business, growth and local skilled jobs. To reach these goals, VPP4Islands project proposes disruptive solutions based on digital twin concept, Virtual energy storage systems (VESS) and Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) to revolutionize the existing VPP and build smart energy communities. Based on aggregation and smart management of distributed energy resources (DERs), VPP4Islands increases the flexibility and profitability of energy systems while providing novel services. VPP4Island will also enhance the Demand Response Capability of consumers by understating their behaviors and promoting self-consumption. In order to validate and evaluate the proposed solutions, two use cases in real-life with diverse assets in two leading islands are planned. The control and optimization of different systems will be extended to consider not only electrical, but also multi- energy vectors. Moreover, the qualified VPP4Islands solutions will be replicated in 3 follower islands, in order to generate and initiate smart sustainable energy plans. Also, VPP4Islands will generate durable social and environmental values for the benefit of consumers/prosumers. Finally, VPP4Islands project consortium is composed of 1 large company, 1 DSO, 7 SMEs, 3 universities, 2 RTOs, 3 islands municipalities, and 2 non-profits organisation.